Ten Basic Twitter Marketing Techniques That Most Marketers Ignore

If there is any social media platform that is second to Facebook, it is Twitter. Although it comes with a couple of restrictions that can truly frustrate even the best marketers out there, Twitter still offers enough potential to reach out to the masses and convert them to your customers. How do you that? Well, on Twitter, the game is a little different than it’s on Facebook. You might not be able to send long convincing messages to your potential customers or you might not be able go beyond simple pages, but you still can do a lot to get the desired attention.

Here are a few basic Twitter techniques that most marketers overlook in pursuit of trying something ‘different’. You don’t have to experiment. With Twitter, you just have to stick to the basics to get the job done.

Keep Your Profile Up to Date and Complete

Most brands would build incomplete profiles and would hardly update them. This is a major blunder. Make sure you fill out the complete profile and you are regularly updating your followers with whatever changes your brand has gone through.

twitter profile

Include Personal Pictures in Bio

Adding personal pictures allows customers to develop trust on your brand. Since online business is risky, people like it when profiles are backed up with pictures. This way, it becomes easier for them to build the trust factor, as they can see who is behind the business. A simple logo picture might not do the job as good as a personal picture.

twitter profile picture

Follow and Be Followed

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the ‘brand’ and so people should come to you. On Twitter, the basic rule is, you follow and others follow you. No matter how many followers you have, you should always be on the quest of adding more.

twitter followers

Keep Them Entertained

A tweet a day might not be as good as allowing your followers to interact with you. Answer their queries, encourage them to talk to you, offer insights and the like.

twitter questions

Target Your Potential Market

Following people who don’t share similar interests would be a mere waste of time. Instead, try to follow people who share the same interests.

twitter target market

Write to Your Followers

A short message a day or weekly can do wonders. Since Twitter only allows you 140 characters, you need to be extremely creative with words. Get their attention with short sales messages and promotions.

twitter messages

Share Content and Links

Make sure you are not just promoting your own content but other valuable stories from around the web too. For instance, if you are selling running shoes, you can share news of some new invention in the field or a list of best shoes that would include your brand too. This helps customers in building that much needed trust with your brand.

twitter updates

Shorten URLs

Bit.ly is a good way of shortening your URLs. It makes it easier to share your URLs with others.

twitter updates


Ask questions, create surveys and other similar things to get to know your followers.

twitter probe

Regularly Update Your Followers

Last but not the least, your regular presence on Twitter makes it easier for your followers to keep a track on you.


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