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Facebook Marketing: 8 Secrets to Success

facebook-marketing-success-secretsBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Facebook has now passed 620 million users and is a social media platform that can not be ignored by any brand trying to build a serious online presence.

Many companies are struggling with their Facebook marketing campaigns.  Some companies have no Facebook marketing campaigns at all!  Many companies still do not think Facebook is revelant.

If you know of a business that is still in doubt of the power of Facebook then you can tell them about these 10 reasons your business needs a Facebook strategy.

Those people looking to join up with a community of Marketers on Facebook should join our Facebook Marketing Mastermind group on Facebook!

You will find a free report at the bottom of this page called: 8 Keys To Success For Facebook Marketing.

Here is my take on the most important points in the Facebook Marketing report:

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A Taste of Viral Marketing Success

In just four short days an onion ring has been able to accumulate over 1,300,000 facebook fans.  The name of this newly viral facebook page is “Can this onion ring get more fans than Justin Bieber?”. Update: The day after this post was posted the fan page achieved it’s goal. Now this fan page cannot be found on Facebook so I am guessing that the publicist for Justin Bieber bought this group and had it shut down. The last time I saw this group it had over 2,000,000 fans, meaning it was also more popular then Miley Cyrus.

The case of this onion ring serves as an interesting example of how unique humor, when combined with a cause, can serve up a recepie for viral marketing success!