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How to: Download the Email Addresses of your Facebook Friends

Yahoo has created a tool that makes it so that you can download the emails of your Facebook friends.

To access this tool you will need a Yahoo account.

To use this tool simply surf to and click on “Tools” and then “Import” and select the Facebook icon.

After doing this the email addresses of your Facebook friends will be added into your Yahoo address book, where you can export them as a .csv file so that you can email them via an Email Marketing provider.

The Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

garin-kilpatrick-120pxBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Generally speaking I am not a fan of Toolbars, many are junk and useless.

But for a few important reasons I really like the Facebook toolbar for Firefox.


I like this Toolbar is because it is east to use and very customizable.  At first I disliked all of the notifications that it was giving me about every little thing happening in Facebook, but I soon discovered that by scrolling to the bottom of the “quick links” list and clicking on “toolbar settings” that I was able to customize exactly which notifications I recieve, if any!


With a few quick clicks the Firefox toolbar transformed from annoying, to very useful!

Another cool feature of the Firefox Facebook toolbar is the friends sidebar.  The friends sidebar allows you to sort your friends by name, or in three other ways:


Besides that the toolbar gives you quick links to the most common aspects of your Facebook, a “share” button that makes it easy to share any page from the web on facebook, and a “Search Facebook” field as well.

If you grant permission to the toolbar you can also update your status updates from a field on the right hand side.  Overall the toolbar is very useful, and for any avid facebooker I highly recommend you download it.

Not enough screen space because of the Toolbar? Try this tip: Simply press the F11  key and the top browser bars will dissappear until you press it again!

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