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10 More Tips to Get Likes on Your Facebook Page



I’m sure many of you are familiar with what is by far the most popular post on our site: 50 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page. While there are literally hundreds of strategies for increasing the amount of people who want to like your page, we’d like to offer 10 more of our favorites to help you continue building a presence on Facebook for your brand:

1. Keep your users engaged

Just like word of mouth advertising, marketing on Facebook is all about momentum. The most important factor in getting more likes is keeping your current users engaged so that potential fans and new visitors to your page will see that you are hosting an active community and will want to participate as well. Our post “10 Ideas to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts” offers some great tips to improve user engagement on your page

2. Make sure your posts are unique and interesting

While this may seem like common sense, its amazing how much content gets reposted and resposted over and over on Facebook. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with reposting some form of breaking news or viral content if you think that it will keep your users engaged. But if you can offer some form of original content to your fans that they haven’t seen anywhere else, they will be definitely be more likely to come back the next day to see if anything new  has popped up. Also important to remember: people seem to prefer and are more likely to hit the like button on a post if it includes a picture, a video, or a link, rather than a normal status update.

3. Build partnerships with other pages

Every timeline or old-style fan page displays which other brands a particular fan page has ‘liked’. The logos and links of sites that have been recently liked by a page are prominently displayed on timeline:

This is great advertising for you if your page is liked by another popular page. The goal here should be to get your page favorited as much as possible. You should like a page, and then either inform then via a wall post or private message that you have done so, and in return they will more than likely follow you back.

4. Contests

Contests can be one of the quickest and most powerful ways to get more likes for your Facebook page. Start a contest giving something of value away for free, and require users to like your page in order to participate. If you’ve got a little money to spend, company’s such as WildFire offer professional apps to run contests on your page. Also if you’ve got the money to spend, giving away popular gadgets such as iPads or Kindle’s has the ability to get you THOUSANDS of likes in a very shot period of time.

5. Spy on your competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing to be successful and mimic their posting behavior. Like their pages so that new posts show up in your feed. Also, spy on the way big companies such as CocaCola or McDonald’s run their Facebook campaigns and you can learn a lot.

6. Facebook Ads

If you’ve got money to spend, its well worth it to purchase some Facebook ads promoting your page. There are few sites in the world that offer the ability to laser target the people who view your ads the way Facebook does. And the amazing truth is that the majority of people on Facebook don’t mind the ads at all. Here is a great guide to getting started with Facebook Ads.

7. Make use of Facebook Plugins

First and foremost, make sure the Facebook like box is prominently displayed on your website. People have become used to seeing these like boxes and if they enjoy the content on your site, they will look for this box to start following you. Facebook also offers a slew of other social plugins. Using these plugins will ultimately result in your brand showing up on more people’s profiles, helping you to get more likes on your page. The like, send, and share buttons should be included in every individual page on your site, and using the Facebook comments feature is another great way to keep people engaged.

8. Youtube and other Video Sharing Sites

If you post videos to Youtube or other video sharing sites that allow annotations on your video, be sure to include a link to your Facebook page. This is an easy way to rake in some likes if one of your videos becomes popular.

9. Include your Facebook Page with your Business Info

This includes business cards, newspaper ads, TV commercials, or any other type of advertising your business does. Having people follow you on Facebook is almost as important as including your actual website at this point.

10. Make it a Habit

The key to keeping your users engaged is consistency. Make it a habit to post to Facebook 1-3 times per day. After every new post, or new deal or new product is added to your site, make it a habit to go straight to Facebook to inform your followers. This will result in more sales, more visitors, more engagement, and in the end, more Facebook followers!


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Add Over 60 Apps to Your Facebook Timeline


Facebook announced last week at a press conference in San Francisco that they will be further extending their open graph, allowing what is currently about 60 apps to be tightly integrated with your timeline, with many more to come in the near future. Here’s a short video to give you a better sense of what I’m talking about:

People will be able to share anything they do, even if it involves another website, right to their timeline. Facebook Director of Platform Products Carl Sjogreen stated that when users add an app to their Facebook profile, they will be able to control whether the activities they do with that app appear on their timeline, and can filter who their activities are visible to.

According to Sjogreen, the company’s vision is, “whatever you’re using, you can add it to your timeline.”

Here is a list of apps that instantly went live after the announcement last week. Add apps to your profile by going here.

Where I’ve Been

Snooth (wine)



Rotten Tomatoes
Dailymotion (French video site)
Cinemur (French video site)
Metacafe (videos)
Ford (game)
Wooga (Bubble Island, Diamond Dash)
OMGPOP (Draw My Thing)
Zynga (Words with Friends, Castleville)


BranchOut (job search)
BeKnown from Monster (job search)
Color (photo and video sharing)
Courserank (education)
Grockit (education)
Foursquare (location)
Goodreads (books)
Kobo (books)
StubHub (ticketing)
Ticketmaster (ticketing)
Ticketfly (ticketing)
ScoreBig (ticketing)
Appsfire (app discovery)
Artfinder (art)
Autotrader (cars)

Thanks to Mashable for the list.

The Facebook Timeline – What it Means for Fan Page Owners


The timeline feature on Facebook is rolling out for regular users as of mid to late December 2011. For regular users of the website, the timeline is a convenient way to view all of the activities they have recorded on Facebook since they created their account. Additionally, there are features added to make the profile page more attractive and better express the personality of the user.

However, the timeline feature is not ready to roll out for brand pages quite yet. Facebook is currently focused on rolling out the feature to its non-branded user base. In many ways, this is a good thing. It gives you the chance to see the timeline concept in action and decide how it will work with your own internal marketing plans. With any luck, the timeline will be available soon, because it looks to be an excellent way to increase brand awareness on a Facebook “about” page.

Cover Photo

This is the most noticeable part of the new timeline concept. The cover photo can be nearly any Facebook-legal photo or image, allowing for the ability to personalize the experience. On the current rollout that is available to regular users, advertising banners are not allowed, but it is assumed that branded photos will be acceptable when the timeline is opened to business users.

The cover photo size is 850×315. This size really dominates the screen, without overwhelming the viewer. It would be the perfect place to improve brand recognition and tie your entire page together. Since it is easy to switch the cover photo, you could conceivably change this picture seasonally, monthly or even more often to encourage repeat visitors. A company with a skilled internal artist could consider regularly changing the image, while retaining the brand recognition, the way Google does each day with its logo.


Instead of simply listing the stories in a long senseless stream, stories are now organized and sortable. It is possible to click on a certain year or month and see the stories from this month. The page owner can highlight certain stories to make them appear larger, and can easily remove stories they don’t want to appear.This will be especially useful for page owners because they can constantly keep promotional information highlighted and easy to read.


The interface of the timeline makes it especially easy for fans and customers to learn more about you. If the setup is similar to how it is for regular users, there is an easy link to more information about you, other fans things you like and maps or other data. The timeline concept, when it is available for brand pages, will encourage longer views of your page and more user interaction.


While not as important for brand users as it may be for regular users, the timeline is designed to work well with many popular apps. Depending on your business this can be a fun way to connect with your customers. The connectivity with popular music and media sites can easily allow you to share some of your personality with your customers. As time goes by there will certainly be even more apps included, many of which may make your social networking tasks even easier.


The timeline is one of Facebook’s biggest changes to date. Even though it is still under works for use by brand pages, it is never too early to start planning how this will affect your Facebook marketing strategy. View this as a new way to connect with those who stop by your page, and take advantage of the chance to build your brand recognition using these free tools that Facebook provides.