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Using Facebook as a company news source for business partners, employees, and customers

Birthday Party in Office

Facebook began offering fan pages in 2007 and this allowed businesses and marketers a central platform to reach out to customers and patrons to prove their company’s or group’s innovation, unique brand, special offerings, and benefits. But today, in 2012, Facebook marketing is making a turn in thinking and instead of using this social mogul merely for coupons, sweepstakes, and promotional messages, companies are stepping back and realizing that Facebook was created for social interaction; fellowship of like-minded and common interest groups of people.

Too many sales oriented postings, offers, and events can come across as interruption marketing and disrupt the people connected to your page. As a business, make use of this powerful platform to not only take advantage of free marketing and advertising, but to reach your employees, partners, and customers and fans on a more personal level with news from your business.

A Facebook fan page can be used similar to a press release in that you can announce positive company changes or announcements. A new partnership, a new supervisor of customer service, or a partnership with another like-serviced company can be a positive news item to post on your timeline. Maybe you and your employees are volunteering for a community event. You can post the details and offer for fans in the local area to join in. Making this contact is a great way to meet your future patrons on a personal level, adding dimension to your business presence.

News like a notable achievement by one of your employees or a group of employees can accomplish positive content for fans, other business partners, and as a morale booster for your own employees.

Post pictures of an office birthday party or baby shower. When you offer special awards to employees, or if you feature a customer with a great testimonial, post pictures after gaining permission and share the fun with Facebook fans. Happy employees, happy business partners, and happy fans are more willing to remain a fan of your page and your business when you open the door to insider information and good news.

Another way to share good news or event information is to create a custom tab on your fan page. This tab can provide company news for your fans, employees, and business partners. You will either need to make use of a social networking guru on staff, or have them research the how-to. It’s a doable process and can be handled by someone without any HTML experience. The best application is Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages.

How to add a custom tab with Wildfire’s iFrame App

On your Facebook fan page, add the ‘Wildefire’s iFrame’ app by going to the add-in page at and allow it to add to your fan page. You’ll get an option to choose which fan page to integrate the app if you have more than one page. You’ll get a confirmation allowing you to either confirm or reject the app from accessing your Facebook fan page. You must be signed in to your Facebook account to do this. Once you choose to continue, you do need to enter your name, business name, contact email, and phone number. The next page will ask a series of questions pertaining to fans and the new app visibility. For the fan gate option, select ‘On’ if you want fans only to be able to see a special content or ‘Off’ if you want both fans and non-fans to see the same information. If you select ‘On’ you can upload a custom image or custom HTML to display for both the Fans View as well as the Non-Fans View. This allows a custom gateway to your fan page for all Facebook users or fans only. The process can be a bit complicated, but making use of this app will enhance your Facebook fan page and allow messages or offers when new users ‘Like’ your page such as “Like us to access exclusive content.” or “Receive a 50% off coupon when you Like us.”

It’s also a great portal for all your news and announcements and having it in one place can facilitate posting the content. You can target fans only when you want to offer news about company happenings so that Facebook users who are not connected will want to ‘Like’ your Facebook business fan page to gain entrance to your inside arena.

All these innovative ways to use Facebook as a news and announcement outlet are free, and will certainly gain business exposure and increase customer relationships as your online presence take its place on the most popular site today.

How often should a business post updates and events on their fan page?


A Facebook Fan page can represent a business, author, musician, organization, or other specialty group. The goal is to interact with your fans, attract more fans, supply information about your group or business, offer a call to action, and of course—to keep the fans you have.

At times, you may post an update, note, or other event and find you lose fans. If you notice a handful of ‘un-like’ stats and have hundreds or thousands of fans, it could just be that momentary attention those who un-liked your page took to read your post and decide it wasn’t worth having appear in their news stream. If you lose fans in tens or even a hundred, then it’s important to take stop all postings until you understand why they left.

When you prepare to post anything on you fan page, think first about some considerations: remember a ‘less is more’ policy can be the optimum method to getting across your message or promotional information, check to be sure your content is fresh and relevant, don’t make all your posts about sales, include some personal news, and check to see what posts are receiving the highest amount of likes and comments—add these more often.

The fans who liked your Facebook fan page may not come back to visit often unless they see your postings in their news feed. They’ll interact within the feed, but if your content is attractive or interesting, you’ll find more clicks from the posting to your actual page. These types of responses will bring users to your main fan page and there they will be exposed to previous information they may not have seen. Your fan page is not the only page or Facebook user they’re hooked up to.

Facebook fan pages for businesses and groups are not meant to only increase likes per post or comments, but instead, to gain more ‘page likes.’ Facebook users rarely search and wander looking for new pages to like—you have to bring your content and benefits to them. Post frequency will determine how many new likes you attain, or will affect how your fans interact with your page. If you posts appear in their news stream more than five times per day, you risk losing fans that enjoy the social aspect of Facebook and don’t want to receive Facebook spam, which I like to call ‘fabam.’ Your profile pic that appears as a small icon in the news stream will become an annoyance instead of a trigger of anticipation at your content or newest offer.

Posting once a day, twice a day, or three times a week, is a good starting point for any size business or organization. When you first launch your Facebook fan page, go gentle, test the waters, and put out some early welcoming posts to connect with new fans and offer initial information on what they can expect from your page. Be very attentive to these early posts—checking to see how many fans you may scare away or whether you elicit any comments.

Large business like Starbucks, Wal-Mart, or Life is Good, often post two or three times a day. They can do this and still keep and even grow their fan base on Facebook. If your business is medium to small, new or not quite established, consider postings that offer special coupons, deals, some kind of benefit, or as mentioned, a personal note to interact with subscribers. Most users and fans on Facebook enjoy seeing the personal side of a large or even small business. Posting an employee’s wedding or the birth of a child can interest your fans as you make a personal connection.

If you find you have many posts with great content or numerous events to post, choose which ones are most important and only post those that will gain the most exposure or call to action from your fans. Posting content with little importance or offering can clutter your timeline and the news feed, scaring some fans away. And gauge your level of posts—in other words, offer information or personal news in between posting a special event or offer that will excite your fans with a reward for staying connected to your Facebook page. Be creative—you’ll soon learn what works and what doesn’t. Stick with what works!

10 Cool Ways to Customize Your Status Updates

By: Garin Kilpatrick

Status Updates are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends and get people excited about what you have to say.

With people scanning news feed updates all the time it helps to add some creativity to really make your status updates stand out from the pack.

By applying at least one of the following ten tips you will be able to add some extra style to your status updates so that your posts can stand out from the crowd!

1. Use Status Tagging to Tag a Page, Group, or Person

Status tagging is a feature Available only to those who access Facebook via a computer.

This feature allows you to tag a Page, Group, or Person by typing the @ symbol and then the name of what you are trying to tag.

By tagging in you updates you call attention to your status and help build the rand of the thing you are tagging.  This can be a great strategy for getting people to like your page if you tag your pave in an update.

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The Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

garin-kilpatrick-120pxBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Generally speaking I am not a fan of Toolbars, many are junk and useless.

But for a few important reasons I really like the Facebook toolbar for Firefox.


I like this Toolbar is because it is east to use and very customizable.  At first I disliked all of the notifications that it was giving me about every little thing happening in Facebook, but I soon discovered that by scrolling to the bottom of the “quick links” list and clicking on “toolbar settings” that I was able to customize exactly which notifications I recieve, if any!


With a few quick clicks the Firefox toolbar transformed from annoying, to very useful!

Another cool feature of the Firefox Facebook toolbar is the friends sidebar.  The friends sidebar allows you to sort your friends by name, or in three other ways:


Besides that the toolbar gives you quick links to the most common aspects of your Facebook, a “share” button that makes it easy to share any page from the web on facebook, and a “Search Facebook” field as well.

If you grant permission to the toolbar you can also update your status updates from a field on the right hand side.  Overall the toolbar is very useful, and for any avid facebooker I highly recommend you download it.

Not enough screen space because of the Toolbar? Try this tip: Simply press the F11  key and the top browser bars will dissappear until you press it again!

Don’t have Firefox? Get the latest version of Firefox for Free