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5 Tips for Building your Email List with Facebook

facebook-email-list-buildingBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Although Facebook is the new medium, the money is still in the list. Having a big Facebook community is powerful, and in my new Facebook Power training program I teach exactly how to get a huge Facebook community fast, but no matter how big your Facebook page is the fate of it will ultimately lie in Facebook’s hands. If you start to post about things that violate Facebook’s tos, or if Facebook thinks your brand is better suited as a community page, they could pull your admin and posting abilities out from under you. This is why I think it is absolutely vital to use Facebook to build your email list. In this post I will share with you five different email list building methods that I have personally used to add well over a thousand new names to my list. Enjoy!

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Customize your Facebook Page with Static FBML


By: Garin Kilpatrick

Static FBML is an app that was developed by Facebook to give users some flexibility when it comes to customizing a facebook page.

In order to customize a Facebook page you will need to know some basic html.

To get started customizing your page begin at the Static FBML app page and click the “Add to page” button beside the page you want to customize.


For examples of the static FBML app in action check out the FacebookFlow facebook page. Currently I have installed a custom “Welcome” Landing Page, a FREE eBook tab, and I have more in development!

After you have selected the page you want to customize you will need to go to that page, click “Edit Page” right beneath the profile picture.

After clicking “Edit Page” select “Applications” from the menu on the left and then choose the new FBML app you just created.  Click “Go to Application” to add/edit custom code for your new static FBML app.


The image above shows the text box where you must insert the custom code for your static fbml app.

You will notice below and to the left of this text box is there are links that allow you to edit any fbml apps you have created. From here you can also “Add another FBML box.”

If you create a new static fbml app, it will automatically be inserted within the boxes tab. To get this code onto it’s own tab you will need to click “Edit Page,” then “Edit Settings,” and from here you will be able to add this app as a tab.

You can see this and the other basic steps for setting us a static FBML app in the screencast below.

For basic FBML apps like images and forms you will be able to get away with HTML, without knowing anything about FBML.

FBML comes into the picture if you want to get fancy. If you want to add multimedia, Google Analytics, or Sharing With Friends you should check out this post which contains the custom fbml code you will need to copy and paste to get some more advanced features on your page.

What is your facebook page? How have you customized your page to help it stand out from the crowd?