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The Ultimate Social Media Event Marketing Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]


An extremely useful Infographic for helping event planners map out a social media marketing strategy.



[Reader Poll] Which social media site do you spend the most time on?


Welcome to our first reader poll! Today we want to know which social media site you think you spend the most time on per day. Vote for the site below and let us know how long you spend on that site in the comments!


*Make sure you are signed into Facebook before you vote!

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The Secret to Building and Keeping an Engaged Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]


Just ran across this great infographic created by the content marketing agency Blue Grass, and thought it was worth a share. There are some great ideas here that should be applied to your Facebook marketing efforts.

3 Powerful Facebook Search Engines

Last week Microsoft’s search engine Bing announced that they will start integrating like data into search results.

I have not noticed Facebook like data in bing searches yet, but I imagine it will take some time for this data to be integrated as there is undoubtedly billions of “likes” to process.

About 25 Billion Pieces of content are created on Facebook every single day.

Here are three powerful search engines that attempt to make it easier to find cool content from Facebook that is available for the entire web.

Social Mention


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Facebook vs. Google Infographic

Garin Kilpatrick

Facebook and Google are the two giants of the online world.

The infographic below shows Facebook vs. Google.  Although Facebook has more active daily users, and those users spend more time on the site, Google far outweighs Facebook in terms of revenue.

The reason for Google’s revenue superiority is becuase Google ads can relate directly to the keywords someone is searching for, whereas Facebook advertising is a display model and has to guess what users will be interested in clicking on, based on demographics and interests.

Suprisingly though the Facebook IPO for Facebook, which is expected to happen sometime in 2011, will trump Google’s 2004 IPO by far.  Perhaps one day Facebook ad revenue will surpass Google, but for this to happen Facebook will likely need to become the primary search engine of choice, rather than Google.

Expect big developments from both of these online giants in the weeks, months, and years to come.


Credit for this graphic goes to Allfacebook.