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Free Facebook Voice Calling Out in the U.S. for iOS Users


Following a trial in Canada earlier in January 2013, Facebook free voice calling is finally out in the U.S., allowing users to make free calls with their iOS messenger, as reported by The Verge. Unfortunately, the feature is not yet available for Android users.

The process is quite simple but users would need an updated version of Facebook Messenger for iOS. There will an ‘i’ icon on the screen that will take users to the ‘Free Call’ icon. Tapping this icon would allow them to make the call.


As with any other calling process, the profile picture of your friend (who is being called) will take over the screen. It should be noted here that these calls are voice-only for now. In addition, users are only restricted to make calls within the Messenger and not externally. There are chances of updates in the roll that would improve this free calling process, but for now, this is all about it.

On the Recipient’s Side…

While the call is being made, the recipient will receive a notification. Call acceptance or rejection commands will be prompt. In case the recipient misses the call, it will be recorded as a ‘missed call’. However, the missed call will not be recorded in the user’s call log. Instead, the missed call would be recorded in his or her conversation history on the Messenger.

Both parties need to have the Messenger for this feature to work.

What Does it Cost?

The calls are free. However, they surely would contribute your data usage, similar to how other free messaging and calling software work.

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Facebook Announces Android Update – Faster Voice Messaging and Picture Viewing!

facebook android update

Finally, it seems like Android users have an edge over iOS users. Facebook has updated its Google Android application, now allowing users faster voice messaging and picture viewing. Moreover, the update allows users to share their posts externally as well, which means users can now share their stories with other Pages, Timelines and Groups.

Now, users can make voice calls via the Facebook app, a feature that previously limited to Facebook’s messenger.

 facebook android update

How Does it Work?

If you remember, previously users were only allowed to use the ‘share’ button to post stories to their own timelines. Now, with this update, users are allowed to share stories to other timelines, groups and pages too. In other words, you can now share a story directly on your friend’s timeline.

The share button will now give you options to share stories ‘on your own timeline’,  ‘on a friend’s timeline’, ‘in a group’ and ‘on your page’.

The update is available from Google’s Play Store.

5 New Admin Roles for Facebook Pages


Facebook recently rolled out 5 new “roles” or admin types to assign to your page admins. This means that page owners such as yourself are now able to assign specific duties to the people running the page. Business owners can now feel comfortable giving multiple people permissions on their page, without having to worry about giving up complete control.

Page owners can assign different roles to their admins by clicking “Admin Roles” on the left hand side of their page options:

The 5 different types of page admins are as follows:

Manager – A page manager has complete control over the page. They are allowed to send messages, create posts, view insights and create ads on behalf of the page, as well as manage the roles of the other admins.

Content Creator – People with this role are granted all of the same permissions as a manager, except they are unable to manage other admins’ roles.

Moderator – Moderators can respond to and delete comments on the Page, send messages on behalf of the Page, view the page’s insights, and create ads.

Advertiser – Advertisers can create ads and view page insights.

Insight Analyst – An insight analyst can only view insights.

Here is a visual breakdown, provided by Social Bakers

Add Over 60 Apps to Your Facebook Timeline


Facebook announced last week at a press conference in San Francisco that they will be further extending their open graph, allowing what is currently about 60 apps to be tightly integrated with your timeline, with many more to come in the near future. Here’s a short video to give you a better sense of what I’m talking about:

People will be able to share anything they do, even if it involves another website, right to their timeline. Facebook Director of Platform Products Carl Sjogreen stated that when users add an app to their Facebook profile, they will be able to control whether the activities they do with that app appear on their timeline, and can filter who their activities are visible to.

According to Sjogreen, the company’s vision is, “whatever you’re using, you can add it to your timeline.”

Here is a list of apps that instantly went live after the announcement last week. Add apps to your profile by going here.

Where I’ve Been

Snooth (wine)



Rotten Tomatoes
Dailymotion (French video site)
Cinemur (French video site)
Metacafe (videos)
Ford (game)
Wooga (Bubble Island, Diamond Dash)
OMGPOP (Draw My Thing)
Zynga (Words with Friends, Castleville)


BranchOut (job search)
BeKnown from Monster (job search)
Color (photo and video sharing)
Courserank (education)
Grockit (education)
Foursquare (location)
Goodreads (books)
Kobo (books)
StubHub (ticketing)
Ticketmaster (ticketing)
Ticketfly (ticketing)
ScoreBig (ticketing)
Appsfire (app discovery)
Artfinder (art)
Autotrader (cars)

Thanks to Mashable for the list.

An interview with faceboook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Discussing the Future of Facebook

In this interview with facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is asked a few questions by Justin Smith, of Inside Facebook and Mark provides lengthy responses about his plans for improving facebook growth both within the canvas, and on the over one million sites facebook connect is enabled on.

For the full interview from June 22nd check out original post on Inside Facebook.