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Facebook’s New Mobile Messaging App


The day when texting using your mobile phone carrier goes out of style may be upon us. If you use the Facebook mobile app on your smartphone to send the majority of messages to friends, then you are already one step ahead of the game. Facebook has released an entirely separate mobile app, dedicated completely to their messaging platform. This has the potential to replace standard text messaging overnight.

How it works

Now, when you want to contact your friends, instead of sending them a standard text message, you can simply fire up your “Messenger” app and send them a Facebook message. The messages are delivered through notifications and texts, meaning they will receive your message whether they are on their computer or their mobile device. The app is simply an extension of the Facebook Messages so your entire messaging history including your texts, chats, emails, and private messages will be available from the moment you install the app on your phone.

Group Texting

If your phone doesn’t handle group texting, this app will prove to be a great time saver for you. The Messenger app makes texting small groups extremely easy. You can quickly set up a group conversation, include your location, and upload images using the Messenger.

Best of all, the Messenger app is available for both iPhone AND Android users.

Click Here to Get the App for your smart phone now!

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Facebook Dominates Time Spent on Mobile Sites

By: Garin Kilpatrick

I just came across this new graphic on the Slicon Valley Insider shows the total minutes spent on mobile sites.

Clearly Facebook is dominating the mobile site scene, with about three times the traffic of the next closest competitor, Google.

This dominance helps explain Facebook’s staggering mobile growth, and the commitment that they have taken recently towards improving the Facebook mobile experience worldwide.


The Facebook App for the iPhone

By: Garin Kilpatrick


The Facebook App is listed in the Apple App directory as one of the most popular apps of all time. 

The first time I used this app I found that it was very easy to navigate and well designed.

All of the different parts of facebook are accessible via large icons.

The only problem with this app is that sometimes it is very slow.  If you are searching for a friend it might take a while if you have over a thousand friends.

I have the latest version of the iPhone, the 3Gs, and although the S in 3GS is supposed to stand for speed I found this app to be very slow compared to accessing facebook on a computer.

A better way to access facebook on the iPhone is by using the Safari Web Browser built into the iPhone. Simply surf to: and enjoy facebook on your iPhone.

The web version of Facebook is optimized for the iPhone and works great.  The Auto-complete feature even works as I type a friends name in the search box.

I keep the facebook app installed if I ever want to do a quick status update.

The facebook application is currently shooting up the ranks as one of the most popular applications to date and there are already more than 15,253,000+ iPhone users who have installed the app.

Although the Facebook app for iPhone is slow a nice feature of it is how it is completely ad free.