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The Ultimate Social Media Event Marketing Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]


An extremely useful Infographic for helping event planners map out a social media marketing strategy.



The Secret to Building and Keeping an Engaged Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]


Just ran across this great infographic created by the content marketing agency Blue Grass, and thought it was worth a share. There are some great ideas here that should be applied to your Facebook marketing efforts.

Facebook By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here’s a great infographic recently released by Mashable filled with some amazing updated stats for the site as well as some random niche specific facts and popular pages. (click to expand)


A World Without Facebook (Infographic)


Yes we might be a tad late on this one, as we’ve been really busy making changes to the site over the last couple of weeks, but here’s a great infographic designed by Singlegrain comparing two worlds, one with facebook and one without. Enjoy (click to enlarge)!

Men vs. Women on Facebook


men-vs-women-on-facebookBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Ever wonder if there are more men than women on Facebook?

Well the Facebook Statistics website Social Bakers has the answer, on a country by country basis.

Although not all countries have more women than men on Facebook, in the US, UK, and Canada Facebook has more women than men:


Although there is a 10% difference between men and women on Facebook, the total population divide is much closer to a 50/50 split:


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