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In the meantime, head on over to our Fanpage Directory to submit your Facebook page. By submitting your page you will automatically be entered into our Fanpage of the Week contest.



How to Use Facebook Ads to Maximize Exposure


We all know Facebook ads can be a tool to bring in potential customers and to maximize brand exposure, but do we know how to use these tools to get the most out of them? Unfortunately, not many of us use these ads in a manner that could best suit our businesses.

For those who have already tried Facebook ads and have had no success, this article will explain some techniques that you can employ to get the better of it. Those who haven’t tried Facebook ads yet should take this as a guide to get going.

Here you go…

Tip # 1: Start Promoting Sponsored Stories

This is a new feature in Facebook ads that selects ‘Sponsored Stories’ from your page and displays it in your ads. Whether you have an App, Event or Page, Facebook will automatically select a sponsored story from your page and use it for advertisement.


What’s Your Benefit?

The process is simple. You simply have to make your important posts ‘Sponsored’ for Facebook to pick it up. Please note that this has no extra charges. Instead, it would be adjusted in your Facebook Ads budget.

From the Settings Page, you can go to Advanced Options to set Sponsored Stories advertisement options.

Tip # 2: Use URL as Title

Not many are aware of the fact that you can use your Facebook Page’s url to be promoted in the ads instead of the page itself. How to do it? When you are setting your options for Facebook Ads, copy paste your Facebook Page URL in the ‘headline’ space instead of selecting your page from the drop down menu.


What’s Your Benefit?

This gives your entire URL more credibility and at the same time makes it easier for Google and users to follow your page. This is more of an optimisation as well as marketing technique.

Tip # 3: Select Your Best Options

Facebook made a couple of changes to its ads layout recently. Now, you have two modes of advertising; Get More Likes and Promote Page Posts.

With the first option, you are advertising to get more and more people like your page. Unlike previously, you no longer have to advertise your page, leaving it on the user’s will whether to like your page or not. Now, Facebook will advertise your page asking users to like it.

With the second option, as we have already discussed, you will be promoting sponsored stories on your pages.


What’s Your Benefit?

With these changes, you are no longer just advertising your page but you are either asking users to like it or giving them a sneak peek of your page through a sponsored story.

Get More Facebook ‘Likes’ with these 3 Sure-Fire Methods of Promotion


Searching for tips to increase your Facebook engagement with potential customers? Confused where to start from? Don’t worry – probably every social marketer goes through such dilemmas every now and then. With social media platforms evolving so rapidly, it truly is hard to keep a track of things. But, as they say, ‘old is gold’, you should stick to the basics.

In this post, we will cover some time-tested tips and techniques on engaging potential customers. These techniques are often overlooked by social media marketers when trying to find ‘innovative’ ways of promoting a brand.

Technique # 1: Offering Deals

Offering deals is probably one of the oldest ways of marketing, and now it is a part of social media marketing too. How does it work here? Deals are great to keep social media engagement by asking users to perform an action before access is granted to him or her.

A sample deal would be something that would ask users like the page to get a 20% discount coupon for the products. Imagine, who wouldn’t make a simple mouse click, which would be a Facebook Like, to get 20% off?

Not just this, you can also ask users to share links or news to get more coverage by offering them discounts or special deals. You can offer 10% discount on every 100 links they post to their friends’ timelines.

facebookdealsImage courtesy

Deals are highly effective when it comes to getting more Facebook Likes or spreading the word around.

However, the problem with deals is that since they are easy to access, you might find a lot of untargeted customers on your page. In addition, as noticed over the years, this strategy gives access to users to enter more than once by using fake email addresses.

When to use?

Use deals when you want to get more Likes on your page. This strategy works best in this particular scenario.

Technique # 2: Use Contests to Increase Engagement

Contests have become popular on Facebook, so much so that today users enjoy participating. Ever participated in photo contests or recipe contests? They are easy, they give users confidence and at the same time pull them towards your brand. Why contests are better than deals? Contests allow more engagement from users, which means only those interested or those belonging to a particular group would perform. For instance, only a professional wildlife photographer or an amateur photographer would participate in a contest of wildlife photography. Why would someone who does not possess the skills go for it?

 facebookcontestImage courtesy milanaphotographyb

In addition, Facebook Contests allow you to generate content for your Facebook Page. A wildlife photography contest would gain thousands of pictures that would add to your gallery. Similarly, a protein shake recipe contest would generate thousands of recipes that you would be able to share with your users later on.

While there are no loopholes when it comes to contest for you, participants might face the downside of fake voting.

Technique  # 3: Using Sweepstakes Promotions

Sweepstakes promotions work more or less the same way on Facebook as Contest, but they come with lesser hassles for the user. Users would simply fill in a form to participate with their names and email addresses and they would participate in the draw. In addition, users will Like your page or an image to get in the contest.

 facebooksweepstakesImage courtesy

The Bottom Line…

Marketers can use these techniques to increase user engagement and get more likes. Contests, Sweepstakes and Deals can give you more exposure. Try them out and you’ll see how much hidden potential there is in Facebook marketing!

5 Tips to Improve the Performance of your Fan Page


In a successful Facebook marketing campaign, simply acquiring likes to your page is only part of the battle. Next you need to engage your users and get them interested in your brand and updated on what you have to offer. Certain tweaks and strategies can be used on your page to encourage involvement.

Here are 5 tips to help increase user engagement with your page on a daily basis:

1. Use ‘Pin to Top’ to Highlight Important Posts

Timeline gives you the option to pin any important posts to the top of your page. This is great, because it puts you in control of what your users first see on your wall. Some ideas for types of posts to pin to the top of your page’s wall would be: Current Polls, a Welcome Message, a Digest of your Blog’s top posts, ce

rtain parts of your business you are trying to advertise, a general description of your business or the services you offer, ect.


 2. Encourage Quality Posts from your Followers by using “Allowed on Page”

All posts made by your fans are now visible via  small box on the top right side of your timeline. You can reward members who make quality posts related to your niche by clicking the “x” next to their post and then “Allowed on Page”


3. Add Some ‘Call to Action’ to Your Page’s Updates

Don’t be afraid to ask your fans for a little help. You will be amazed how willing people are to share your posts if you simply ask! In some of your posts, not all (or people will start getting annoyed), use a calls to action such as: Help, Share, Like, Comment below, and Vote to get people involved.

4. Diversify the Types of Posts you Use

This will help your posts stand out more on people’s news feeds. Facebook now groups posts about hot topics and breaking news together do de-clutter the news feed (ex: Bob Sanders and 14 other people posted about the Super Bowl). While people love posts about breaking news, it is good to post other things as well to help your updates stand out more. Also important to note, is that your posts will perform much better if you include an image or a video.

5. Respond to Your Fan’s Posts

Make sure you take the time to offer well-thought and meaningful replies any time a fan comments on one of your posts. Address them by name via tagging (@ Person’s Name) to make your posts even more personalized. This will make them feel more important and encourage them to participate more in the future. If a reply is not necessary be sure to hit ‘like’ on their comment if it was good.

So there’s 5 more strategies you can use to increase the performance of your Facebook page.

Now it’s your turn

Did you find this post useful? Are there any strategies you’ve been using recently that have increased the performance of your page? If so, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

10 More Tips to Get Likes on Your Facebook Page



I’m sure many of you are familiar with what is by far the most popular post on our site: 50 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page. While there are literally hundreds of strategies for increasing the amount of people who want to like your page, we’d like to offer 10 more of our favorites to help you continue building a presence on Facebook for your brand:

1. Keep your users engaged

Just like word of mouth advertising, marketing on Facebook is all about momentum. The most important factor in getting more likes is keeping your current users engaged so that potential fans and new visitors to your page will see that you are hosting an active community and will want to participate as well. Our post “10 Ideas to Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts” offers some great tips to improve user engagement on your page

2. Make sure your posts are unique and interesting

While this may seem like common sense, its amazing how much content gets reposted and resposted over and over on Facebook. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with reposting some form of breaking news or viral content if you think that it will keep your users engaged. But if you can offer some form of original content to your fans that they haven’t seen anywhere else, they will be definitely be more likely to come back the next day to see if anything new  has popped up. Also important to remember: people seem to prefer and are more likely to hit the like button on a post if it includes a picture, a video, or a link, rather than a normal status update.

3. Build partnerships with other pages

Every timeline or old-style fan page displays which other brands a particular fan page has ‘liked’. The logos and links of sites that have been recently liked by a page are prominently displayed on timeline:

This is great advertising for you if your page is liked by another popular page. The goal here should be to get your page favorited as much as possible. You should like a page, and then either inform then via a wall post or private message that you have done so, and in return they will more than likely follow you back.

4. Contests

Contests can be one of the quickest and most powerful ways to get more likes for your Facebook page. Start a contest giving something of value away for free, and require users to like your page in order to participate. If you’ve got a little money to spend, company’s such as WildFire offer professional apps to run contests on your page. Also if you’ve got the money to spend, giving away popular gadgets such as iPads or Kindle’s has the ability to get you THOUSANDS of likes in a very shot period of time.

5. Spy on your competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing to be successful and mimic their posting behavior. Like their pages so that new posts show up in your feed. Also, spy on the way big companies such as CocaCola or McDonald’s run their Facebook campaigns and you can learn a lot.

6. Facebook Ads

If you’ve got money to spend, its well worth it to purchase some Facebook ads promoting your page. There are few sites in the world that offer the ability to laser target the people who view your ads the way Facebook does. And the amazing truth is that the majority of people on Facebook don’t mind the ads at all. Here is a great guide to getting started with Facebook Ads.

7. Make use of Facebook Plugins

First and foremost, make sure the Facebook like box is prominently displayed on your website. People have become used to seeing these like boxes and if they enjoy the content on your site, they will look for this box to start following you. Facebook also offers a slew of other social plugins. Using these plugins will ultimately result in your brand showing up on more people’s profiles, helping you to get more likes on your page. The like, send, and share buttons should be included in every individual page on your site, and using the Facebook comments feature is another great way to keep people engaged.

8. Youtube and other Video Sharing Sites

If you post videos to Youtube or other video sharing sites that allow annotations on your video, be sure to include a link to your Facebook page. This is an easy way to rake in some likes if one of your videos becomes popular.

9. Include your Facebook Page with your Business Info

This includes business cards, newspaper ads, TV commercials, or any other type of advertising your business does. Having people follow you on Facebook is almost as important as including your actual website at this point.

10. Make it a Habit

The key to keeping your users engaged is consistency. Make it a habit to post to Facebook 1-3 times per day. After every new post, or new deal or new product is added to your site, make it a habit to go straight to Facebook to inform your followers. This will result in more sales, more visitors, more engagement, and in the end, more Facebook followers!


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