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50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks



By: Garin Kilpatrick

This post is a collection of some of the best apps, tips, and tricks I have discovered from countless hours of research into facebook and the facebook ecosystem.

The tips and tricks in this post come from the firefox plugin directory, the userscripts database, and facebook itself.

If you know of any additional facebook tips and tricks worth sharing let us know in the comments below!

1. Create a Custom Username for your facebook Profile or Page

For example, the custom url of my personal profile is:

You can customize the URLs of your own facebook profile and pages by surfing to:

2. Export your facebook Status Updates via RSS or Text Messages

If you go to you will be able to choose how you would like to syndicate your status updates, as RSS or Text Messages.

3. Import your Tweets as status updates

With the Twitter app for Facebook. This app will import all tweets as status updates, which may alienate your fb friends with useless @replies if they do not have twitter.

4. Schedule your Status Updates on facebook and Twitter is a site that allows you to import your contacts from a variety of address books, and schedule status updates to multiple networks.

Status updates supported by Sendible include: your Facebook Wall, Facebook Page, and other Social Media sites like Twitter and Linkedin.

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5 Tips for Building your Email List with Facebook

facebook-email-list-buildingBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Although Facebook is the new medium, the money is still in the list. Having a big Facebook community is powerful, and in my new Facebook Power training program I teach exactly how to get a huge Facebook community fast, but no matter how big your Facebook page is the fate of it will ultimately lie in Facebook’s hands. If you start to post about things that violate Facebook’s tos, or if Facebook thinks your brand is better suited as a community page, they could pull your admin and posting abilities out from under you. This is why I think it is absolutely vital to use Facebook to build your email list. In this post I will share with you five different email list building methods that I have personally used to add well over a thousand new names to my list. Enjoy!

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