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How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Retail Shop

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It is surprising to see that rarely retail stores use Facebook and Twitter to benefit their businesses. These platforms are cost effective and have customers already accustomed to their ways.

Here are 5 simple steps to increase your retail business using social network, such as Facebook and twitter.

Find Your Audience

Your time should be spent on finding and building your audience on these platforms. For Twitter, you can use advanced search and limit your search to tweets within your geographical area then refining it further by searching for specific terms. It will bring up all the recent tweets that meet your criteria. You can follow these people, which results in the reaction for them to follow you back.

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On Facebook, you just don’t need to have fan for your business page, but need to find your audience. Use targeted Facebook ads, leverage your profile, and create a convincing landing page. These are some of the ways to enhance your fan base.

Be there!

It’s obvious, if you want to engage your customers on Facebook and Twitter, you will have to be there for them.

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On twitter, this implies to have an account for your business, as well as, of people working in your company. People are more likely follow a person rather than a logo. Hence, create an account for both you and your business, to augment your chances of engaging your audience.

On Facebook, this means you need to create a business page. In addition, you should also have a Facebook profile of yourself that is linked to your page. The social network offers more tools and functionality to those pages linked with profiles.

Creating Engaging Content

It’s important that you create steady and interesting content to keep your targeted audience engaged. Create content that is gripping and relevant to your audience. For instance, if you own a pet shop, you may post an article about fish and link it to your website.

On Twitter, retweet messages of your customers, in order to keep them engaged with your profile. While on Facebook, you may tag someone in an update. Facebook offers a wider audience; chances are that your update will be seen by more people.

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Offer Incentives to Your Audience

A long-term success strategy for any business is to build loyalty and connection with your customers. For this purpose, you can offer incentives for your online audience that may result with an in-person visit with a more immediate impact. One way of doing this by making Facebook or Twitter-only discounts or coupons that your customers can print up and bring in. create a sense of urgency by making them good for a day only. Discounts serve as great incentives that drive more foot traffic to physical locations.


5 Tips to Improve the Performance of your Fan Page


In a successful Facebook marketing campaign, simply acquiring likes to your page is only part of the battle. Next you need to engage your users and get them interested in your brand and updated on what you have to offer. Certain tweaks and strategies can be used on your page to encourage involvement.

Here are 5 tips to help increase user engagement with your page on a daily basis:

1. Use ‘Pin to Top’ to Highlight Important Posts

Timeline gives you the option to pin any important posts to the top of your page. This is great, because it puts you in control of what your users first see on your wall. Some ideas for types of posts to pin to the top of your page’s wall would be: Current Polls, a Welcome Message, a Digest of your Blog’s top posts, ce

rtain parts of your business you are trying to advertise, a general description of your business or the services you offer, ect.


 2. Encourage Quality Posts from your Followers by using “Allowed on Page”

All posts made by your fans are now visible via  small box on the top right side of your timeline. You can reward members who make quality posts related to your niche by clicking the “x” next to their post and then “Allowed on Page”


3. Add Some ‘Call to Action’ to Your Page’s Updates

Don’t be afraid to ask your fans for a little help. You will be amazed how willing people are to share your posts if you simply ask! In some of your posts, not all (or people will start getting annoyed), use a calls to action such as: Help, Share, Like, Comment below, and Vote to get people involved.

4. Diversify the Types of Posts you Use

This will help your posts stand out more on people’s news feeds. Facebook now groups posts about hot topics and breaking news together do de-clutter the news feed (ex: Bob Sanders and 14 other people posted about the Super Bowl). While people love posts about breaking news, it is good to post other things as well to help your updates stand out more. Also important to note, is that your posts will perform much better if you include an image or a video.

5. Respond to Your Fan’s Posts

Make sure you take the time to offer well-thought and meaningful replies any time a fan comments on one of your posts. Address them by name via tagging (@ Person’s Name) to make your posts even more personalized. This will make them feel more important and encourage them to participate more in the future. If a reply is not necessary be sure to hit ‘like’ on their comment if it was good.

So there’s 5 more strategies you can use to increase the performance of your Facebook page.

Now it’s your turn

Did you find this post useful? Are there any strategies you’ve been using recently that have increased the performance of your page? If so, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

50 Great Facebook Tips and Tricks



By: Garin Kilpatrick

This post is a collection of some of the best apps, tips, and tricks I have discovered from countless hours of research into facebook and the facebook ecosystem.

The tips and tricks in this post come from the firefox plugin directory, the userscripts database, and facebook itself.

If you know of any additional facebook tips and tricks worth sharing let us know in the comments below!

1. Create a Custom Username for your facebook Profile or Page

For example, the custom url of my personal profile is:

You can customize the URLs of your own facebook profile and pages by surfing to:

2. Export your facebook Status Updates via RSS or Text Messages

If you go to you will be able to choose how you would like to syndicate your status updates, as RSS or Text Messages.

3. Import your Tweets as status updates

With the Twitter app for Facebook. This app will import all tweets as status updates, which may alienate your fb friends with useless @replies if they do not have twitter.

4. Schedule your Status Updates on facebook and Twitter is a site that allows you to import your contacts from a variety of address books, and schedule status updates to multiple networks.

Status updates supported by Sendible include: your Facebook Wall, Facebook Page, and other Social Media sites like Twitter and Linkedin.

Read more ...