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Facebook’s Trust Contacts is Weird…In Terms of Security

facebook trusted contacts

Facebook announced their new feature “trusted contacts” earlier this week, which helps users to reach back into their account when locked out. It was intended to make life easier by leaning on some friend, when required a re-entry. Even though the concept is beneficial in theory, however it requires a special code from each of your trusted contacts, making it difficult to remember the codes.

facebook trusted contacts

In case you are locked out of your account, the codes will be sent to your chosen friends. Access to the account again will require you to enter at least three codes. In theory, this will prevent hacking of your account; however, Facebook suggests calling up your friends to obtain the codes.

The problems of your account ever accessible to your friends persist. You are unable to retrieve information without relying on anyone. Thus, Facebook’s old school method can prove to be inconvenient.

Facebook stated, “While you may trust your friend from pre-school who is on sabbatical in Borneo, it might be a better choice to select the people you know that you’ll be able to reach.”

It is important to know that it is just an option, and Facebook still offer you the option of answering security questions and to use two-factor authentication.

Facebook Shows Interest in Google’s Wearable Computer

google glass

CEO of Facebook showed interest in Google’s wearable computer, as well as the app of the social network to be as popular on any other device.

Google Glass, the wearable display-camera-computer gadget, having testers demonstrating many unknowns. However, one thing is certain: the most popular app for Glass will be Facebook.

google glass

Facebook has the most users, dominating the Android-based and the Apple devices. According to Comscore, almost 23% of total time spent on using mobile apps is on Facebook. If Facebook releases an app for Glass, it is likely to by popular in similar manner.

While Path and Twitter are in the developing phases of their own apps for Glass, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, suggested on an app coming after his first trial of Glass.

Zuckerberg, at a public even with Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder, said, “I can’t wait to get my own,” according to the Forbes.

The ability of Glass to capture point-of-view video and even detect eye blinks, would definitely allow Facebook to create an extremely novel app.

Source: Technology Review

Bridger Tried Interacting with Jones’ Sister on Facebook

mark bridger

Two years ago, a 30-year old man was accused of abducting and murdering a 15-year old schoolgirl, April Jones, and then approached her half-sister, through a social networking site when she was 14-years old.

April’s mother Coral, in her statement to police, revealed that she had advised her elder daughter not to engage with Bridger via Facebook.

mark bridger

The statement also revealed the last movements of April before she disappeared from Machynlleth in mid-Wales.

In the Mold crown court, it was told that April wanted t go out play on her bicycle on the evening she went missing. Ms Jones added, “Paul and I said no. She kept on and on and had a little tantrum and I eventually gave in. I told her I did not want her out for long. I think it was about 7pm and that was the last time I saw her.”

The prosecution alleged 47-year old, Bridger, a former slaughter-man, for abducting and murdering April for a sexually motivated attach, and then disposing, concealing, or destroying her body. While Bridger claims it to be an accident, and denied all charges.

Mr. Jones has known Bridger for 20 years, and recalled, “I remember thinking she was a little young for him – he was twice her age,” he said.

The court heard, Bridger possessing images of local girls, including of April’s half-sister, in his laptop.

Source: Guardian

Facebook Sees Increased Profits Despite Plummeting in the US Market

facebook profit

While the number of users drops in US, profits still demonstrated a healthy growth for the social media king Facebook.

In US, Facebook lost almost 10 million, according to Nielsen, a market research firm. The news was confirmed in the latest quarterly result of Facebook, in which it said that 1.11 billion monthly active users around the world, up 23% from a year ago.

facebook profit

Facebook, created nine years ago, this social website has strong competition from other networks, such as WhatsApp, a Smartphone app.

According the Nielson, the data is collected by placing “tags” on Facebook’s servers, with permission from the company, counting the number of browsers. In addition, it monitors the activity of consumers at the browser in each country. Nielsen says that the numbers included in the research only counts the number of individual browsers on the Facebook website. However, any other device used to login Facebook is not registered.

A report in the Guardian, the Socialbakers producing the traffic estimates of Facebook for advertisers, had recorded falls in monthly visits in the US and Europe. Jan Reza, the company’s chief executive, warned against the use of Socialbakers via a blog, saying, “Rough estimates and cannot be used to determine Facebook traffic”. Nonetheless, Nielsen still stands by his numbers, giving a similar picture. There is no comment from Facebook, about the matter.

Facebook Confirms Blocking Path’s ‘Find Friends’ Access

path friends find

Facebook has confirmed that it has restricted the API access of the app Path. The Path can no longer use Facebook to find friends, as Facebook prevents them from sending invitations of suggestion for following. The move came in response to last week’s Path spamming user contacts.

path friends find

According to Facebook, Path can continue to use Facebook as an option for login and to share posts. However, “Find Friends” option is disabled by Facebook, response similar to what was seen with MessageMe, or Voxer. Facebook did not tell exactly why Path lost the access, but popular thought points towards spam controversy.

Losing the ability to invite the Facebook friends can form a barrier in the growth of the app Path, which recently hit 10 million registered users. To overcome the barrier, Path adder Twitter to continue bringing new users. Still, the Facebook denied access is a significant blow to the Path. In addition, Path requires as many ways possible to pull more users.

Source: Tech Crunch