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Men vs. Women on Facebook


men-vs-women-on-facebookBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Ever wonder if there are more men than women on Facebook?

Well the Facebook Statistics website Social Bakers has the answer, on a country by country basis.

Although not all countries have more women than men on Facebook, in the US, UK, and Canada Facebook has more women than men:


Although there is a 10% difference between men and women on Facebook, the total population divide is much closer to a 50/50 split:


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The Massive Facebook User Base in Perspective

By: Garin Kilpatrick

Facebook has a massive userbase that exceeds the population of most countries.

Right now Social Bakers claims that Facebook has 664 million users.

Another estimate of Facebook’s user base comes from the website Check Facebook, which claims that Facebook has 629 million users.

So it is safe to assume that Facebook has somewhere between 620-670 million users.

How many of these accounts are active and legitimate are a subject of debate.

The tech blog Pingdom recently created a cool graphic that puts Facebook’s current user base into perspective.

An interesting fact from this infographic that I noticed is that Facebook has almost as many users as the entire Internet in 2002.


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3 Interesting Facebook Infographics

By: Garin Kilpatrick

This post features three infographics from the marketing guru’s over at Hubspot.

The first infographic is about profile activity, and the next two show which kind of Facebook pages are successful, and which are not.

Here is the first infographic, Facebook Profile Activity by Age.  From glancing at this graphic a few things stick out to me.  First is the popularity of quotes, especially in the twenty to thirty age range.

The next blatantly obvious trend is that wall posts are much more prolific among younger Facebook users.  There also seems to be a correlation between the frequency of wall posts and the number of friends.

Find your age on this graph and see how your age stacks up in terms of the different variables.  Do you find any of this data suprising?


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