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Fun Status Update Apps from Social Graph Studios

Garin Kilpatricksocialgraph-studios

Social Graph Studios started with the application Status Shuffle, which now boasts 204,633 statuses for you to shuffle through!

Status Shuffle is just one of five applications that Social Graph Studios now have, and you can find descriptions of all five of these apps in the article below.

Status Shuffle ®

According to Social Graph Studios: “Status Shuffle is the largest collection of funny Facebook status messages on the Internet!”

Find a status you like, use it, and watch out for your friends’ comments! You can even share your own status suggestions and see how popular they get.

Here is a status shuffle screenshot.


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How to: Download the Email Addresses of your Facebook Friends

Yahoo has created a tool that makes it so that you can download the emails of your Facebook friends.

To access this tool you will need a Yahoo account.

To use this tool simply surf to and click on “Tools” and then “Import” and select the Facebook icon.

After doing this the email addresses of your Facebook friends will be added into your Yahoo address book, where you can export them as a .csv file so that you can email them via an Email Marketing provider.