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HOW TO: Browse the Hottest Photos in Your Facebook Network

pixable-facebook-app-slideBy: Garin Kilpatrick

Pixable is a cool Facebook application that allows you to easily browse the hottest photos in your Facebook network.

Most of us don’t have time to watch Facebook all day for the cool photos that happen to show up in the news feed.  This is where Pixable comes in really handy, by allowing you to view the pictures that matter the most to you, without wasting your time.

Pixable takes a few seconds to load up, and while it does it tells you how many photos the people in your network have.

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Fun Status Update Apps from Social Graph Studios

Garin Kilpatricksocialgraph-studios

Social Graph Studios started with the application Status Shuffle, which now boasts 204,633 statuses for you to shuffle through!

Status Shuffle is just one of five applications that Social Graph Studios now have, and you can find descriptions of all five of these apps in the article below.

Status Shuffle ®

According to Social Graph Studios: “Status Shuffle is the largest collection of funny Facebook status messages on the Internet!”

Find a status you like, use it, and watch out for your friends’ comments! You can even share your own status suggestions and see how popular they get.

Here is a status shuffle screenshot.


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How to: Download the Email Addresses of your Facebook Friends

Yahoo has created a tool that makes it so that you can download the emails of your Facebook friends.

To access this tool you will need a Yahoo account.

To use this tool simply surf to and click on “Tools” and then “Import” and select the Facebook icon.

After doing this the email addresses of your Facebook friends will be added into your Yahoo address book, where you can export them as a .csv file so that you can email them via an Email Marketing provider.

Facebook Games: Five of The Best

Facebook has provided the perfect platform for game developers to launch massive social multi-player games.

Just a few of the many amazing Facebook games stats is that over 56 million people play Facebook games every single day!

The reason for this is that Facebook games are a lot of fun to play, either with your very own circle of friends, or with new friends from all over the world.

Here are five of the most fun games available for free now on Facebook.

Word Challenge

Are you a word freak? Does playing scrabble get you excited. Then Word Challenge by Playfish might be for you.

The objective of this game is simple. You get 6 letters out of which you have to construct as many words as you can within a given time. 3- letter words are of course many and you’ll be rewarded points for finding them. But the bonus and crown points are for 4 , 5 and 6-letter words. They give you points and more time.

One reason for addiction to this game is their ratings. They have a character corresponding to a range of points. So the lowest score will generate an infant character implying your low vocabulary strength.

Give Word Challenge a play and find out what characters await your word prowess!

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The Facebook App for the iPhone

By: Garin Kilpatrick


The Facebook App is listed in the Apple App directory as one of the most popular apps of all time. 

The first time I used this app I found that it was very easy to navigate and well designed.

All of the different parts of facebook are accessible via large icons.

The only problem with this app is that sometimes it is very slow.  If you are searching for a friend it might take a while if you have over a thousand friends.

I have the latest version of the iPhone, the 3Gs, and although the S in 3GS is supposed to stand for speed I found this app to be very slow compared to accessing facebook on a computer.

A better way to access facebook on the iPhone is by using the Safari Web Browser built into the iPhone. Simply surf to: and enjoy facebook on your iPhone.

The web version of Facebook is optimized for the iPhone and works great.  The Auto-complete feature even works as I type a friends name in the search box.

I keep the facebook app installed if I ever want to do a quick status update.

The facebook application is currently shooting up the ranks as one of the most popular applications to date and there are already more than 15,253,000+ iPhone users who have installed the app.

Although the Facebook app for iPhone is slow a nice feature of it is how it is completely ad free.