Best Social Media Blogs of 2013

Social media marketing has definitely become the fad today, with most online marketers readily trying to get a grip on the mechanics. While the scope of social media marketing in itself is too vast to be captured, understanding the technicalities can give you a boost. And, to understand the technicalities, you need to make sure you are keeping up with the experts in the field.

Social Media Examiner’s fourth-annual social media blog contest had more than 750 nominations, and their experts carefully selected the best ones. Surely, these blogs, in our point of view too, are the ones that give you great insight on social media marketing. Stay updated with them and you’ll see your social media marketing techniques growing rapidly.

Here’s the list…

First Position: Social Fresh

Runs on a community of bloggers and generates social media content. Social Fresh gives you a perspective of how marketers are making their way into social media marketing.

social fresh

Second Position: Boom Social

Run and updated by social media expert Kim Garst, Boom Social gives you tips, tricks and tutorials on basic to advanced social media techniques.



Third Position: Jeff Bullas

Who hasn’t heard of Jeff Bullas. If you are a social media marketer, following Jeff Bullas is a must.



Fourth Position: Danny Brown

Opinionated articles and how-to’s on social media marketing.


Fifth Position: Heidi Cohen



Sixth Position: Jon Loomer

Focuses mainly of Facebook marketing. Excellent content quality with great insights.


Seventh Position: Lighthouse Marketing

The blog focuses on social media marketing in India. Started and run by Prasant Naidu.

lighthouse insights

Eight Position: Razor Social

Razor Special is a brainchild of Ian Cleary with emphasis on social media marketing. Best part – there are community members who share their tips and ideas with each other.

razor social

Ninth Position: Pushing Social

Founded by Stanford Smith, Pushing Social teaches how to use different social media platforms.

pushing social

Tenth Position: 60 Second Marketer

As the name sounds, founded by Jamie Turner, this blog gives you tips and tricks on social media marketing.

60 second marketer


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