Is DMOZ Still a Great Tool For Link Building?

Gone are the days when web marketers had DMOZ on top of their list for link building tasks. Today, there are several other ways of generating high quality backlinks without even considering DMOZ as a powerful source. While there is weight in the argument that DMOZ is an old way of generating backlinks, many web marketers still find it fruitful to use this traditional method.


What is DMOZ?

Not to go in the details but it is important here to give a small overview of what DMOZ is and what it can do for your online business. ODP is basically an open directory project that started back in 1998. When it comes to website directories, DMOZ is considered the biggest of them all. Whether a web marketer uses DMOZ or not, he or she would ultimately agree to the fact that this website is indeed father of all the website directories out there.

What Can It Do For You?

dmoz link

There are a lot of benefits in getting links or trying to get links from DMOZ. Here are a few of them:

Old is Gold

DMOZ is the oldest web directory existing on the internet today. Age adds to the overall page quality of a website and the link it generates. DMOZ currently stands with a Page Rank of 8. In other words, if you get links from DMOZ, you get links from a highly ranked web entity which would of course add weight to your page rank.

dmoz links

Visibility at its Maximum

With a high page rank, DMOZ gives your website the leverage of ranking better on search engine rankings. More than 60% web users today use Google as their primary means of searching for products and information online. If you are getting links from DMOZ, you can expect to rank better in search engine results and increase your website’s visibility.

Relevant Links

Unlike other directories, DMOZ provides you with relevant and authentic links. Google uses the titles and descriptions by DMOZ in their search engine results, which gives us a pretty good idea of how authentic DMOZ is.

Numbers Matter

Currently, DMOZ has more than 150 highly reputable websites listed with them, including but not limited to Alexa AOL, Hotbot, Excite, Lycos and Google. These websites take data from DMOZ, which means your presence there can bring quite some results.


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