How the Equality Symbol Spread Through Facebook

Many Facebook users changed their profile photos, on March 26, to a red and light-shaded equality sign. The act was performed to support the Human Right Campaign and same-sex marriage. Even though Facebook was unable to determine the exact number of users who changed their profile pictures to this particular image, the data science team of the social network was able to track the number of users who changed their profile photo on March 26. And, they observed an increase by 120 percent.


Facebook also observed that the increased change of profile photos occurred soon after the HRC urged people to change their photo at 1 p.m. ET.

Later, the data science team at Facebook went ahead and broke down the numbers by age. They observed that users with age close to 30 years changed their profile photos a lot more on the day than any other demographic.

According to Facebook, on an average approximately 3.5 percent of Facebook users close to 30-year has updated their profile photos on March 26. Furthermore, they also pointed out that 2.3 percent more women changed their profile photos, as compared to 2.1 percent more men.

The social network further broke down the results according to counties. They discovered that Facebook users residing near colleges readily changed their profile photos that day. Washtenaw County, home of the University of Michigan, observed the most profile photo changes. According to the report, approximately 6.2 percent users of the social network residing in Washtenaw County opt to change their profile photo. Other highly rated counties were San Francisco County, San Mateo County, and Washington D.C.

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