‘Hater’ App – Making Hating Easy

‘Hater’ was launched at the SXSW Conference of 2013. This app just made hating social websites a lot easier. Basically, it gives its users access to share their grievances rather than post about what they like, which all other social networking websites are doing.

The Hater app doesn’t allow you to press the Like button for your friend’s posts or pictures; instead, you hate them. In this way, it provides a way to bond over the frustrations of everyday life, such as to share your thoughts on traffic delays, or just telling a friend about how the bad weather affected your mood.

hate app

Just like Instagram, users have a feed to share text-based “rants,” upload pictures, and tag their friends or followers. They can also share each other’s misery, contribute their painful thoughts, and bond over similar hates. The most hated item appears or bubbles to the top of the popular lists, giving a real-time feed about things your friends or followers hate.

Even though, Hater is a social network completely dedicated to hate, it is least worried about cyberbullying. According to Holly Dietrich, Project Manager for the hater app, “Online bullying occurs on every social network, regardless of the theme of each app. Hater has methods for reporting any inappropriate posts, and we thing the app can actually have positive results from all the hate.” Despite the negative bent to the app, he dreams to bring a positive change to the world by letting people share their frustrations.

Hater has just hit the iOS App Store, with plans to expand more but not beyond Apple’s ecosystem. This move will not be appreciated by other Android users, in fact they would hate it hey had the chance.

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