Following Spam Complaints, Friend Integration from Path Removed

The prior reports of the app Path automatically sending out text messages has now received a new update. The ability to find Facebook friends has been removed altogether. TechCrunch reports this is the results of restrictions by Facebook on Path’s access to its API. Users can continue to share items from Facebook, but friend-associated activity has been removed.


The spamming behavior of the app was found first on March 6th by Stephen Kenwright, a digital marketer. This is not the first time this has happened. Similar case was seen with MessageMe earlier in the year. Similarly, everything from Vine to Voxer experienced the same thing. Currently, the Path app enables its users to find friends using their device’s contacts, through Twitter, or via their Gmail account. The important thing here is that finding friends through one’s contacts, during the sign-up process, still defaults to the “send to all” behavior. Thus, user needs to be careful when signing to the Path app to avoid sending alert. On contrary, finding friends via Twitter does not show the default behavior.

Source: The Verge


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