Facebook’s Trust Contacts is Weird…In Terms of Security

Facebook announced their new feature “trusted contacts” earlier this week, which helps users to reach back into their account when locked out. It was intended to make life easier by leaning on some friend, when required a re-entry. Even though the concept is beneficial in theory, however it requires a special code from each of your trusted contacts, making it difficult to remember the codes.

facebook trusted contacts

In case you are locked out of your account, the codes will be sent to your chosen friends. Access to the account again will require you to enter at least three codes. In theory, this will prevent hacking of your account; however, Facebook suggests calling up your friends to obtain the codes.

The problems of your account ever accessible to your friends persist. You are unable to retrieve information without relying on anyone. Thus, Facebook’s old school method can prove to be inconvenient.

Facebook stated, “While you may trust your friend from pre-school who is on sabbatical in Borneo, it might be a better choice to select the people you know that you’ll be able to reach.”

It is important to know that it is just an option, and Facebook still offer you the option of answering security questions and to use two-factor authentication.

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