Facebook UPDATED: Testing Page Like Stories With the Pages’ Cover Image

Some Facebook users might have been seeing a completely new layout for the page like stories. If you are one of those users, it means you have not yet been upgraded to the latest news feed. The new version of the news feed is showcasing the page like stories, both sponsored and organic, in a quite similar way as those posts will be appearing in the refurbished news feed.

coverphotos facebook

Facebook, the biggest social networking website, on Thursday introduced the social network’s latest version of news feed. During the introduction, various examples of ads were displayed which showcased how scaled-down version of the brand’s cover images were included in the most up-to-date news feed design of Facebook.

The design’s focus to incorporate the page’s cover photo was attempted to make it visually more appealing in the desktop feed and quickly catch the eye of the user. The inclusion of the cover appeals the user as well as gives a better sense of the brand in just one glance. Since, at the moment it is limited to the users upgraded to the new layout, it has not been able to make an impact on the advertiser’s audience. Yet, it can slowly rise up to improve the clickthrough rates and actions of the page.

Source: Allfacebook

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