Facebook Sees Increased Profits Despite Plummeting in the US Market

While the number of users drops in US, profits still demonstrated a healthy growth for the social media king Facebook.

In US, Facebook lost almost 10 million, according to Nielsen, a market research firm. The news was confirmed in the latest quarterly result of Facebook, in which it said that 1.11 billion monthly active users around the world, up 23% from a year ago.

facebook profit

Facebook, created nine years ago, this social website has strong competition from other networks, such as WhatsApp, a Smartphone app.

According the Nielson, the data is collected by placing “tags” on Facebook’s servers, with permission from the company, counting the number of browsers. In addition, it monitors the activity of consumers at the browser in each country. Nielsen says that the numbers included in the research only counts the number of individual browsers on the Facebook website. However, any other device used to login Facebook is not registered.

A report in the Guardian, the Socialbakers producing the traffic estimates of Facebook for advertisers, had recorded falls in monthly visits in the US and Europe. Jan Reza, the company’s chief executive, warned against the use of Socialbakers via a blog, saying, “Rough estimates and cannot be used to determine Facebook traffic”. Nonetheless, Nielsen still stands by his numbers, giving a similar picture. There is no comment from Facebook, about the matter.

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