Facebook Confirms Blocking Path’s ‘Find Friends’ Access

Facebook has confirmed that it has restricted the API access of the app Path. The Path can no longer use Facebook to find friends, as Facebook prevents them from sending invitations of suggestion for following. The move came in response to last week’s Path spamming user contacts.

path friends find

According to Facebook, Path can continue to use Facebook as an option for login and to share posts. However, “Find Friends” option is disabled by Facebook, response similar to what was seen with MessageMe, or Voxer. Facebook did not tell exactly why Path lost the access, but popular thought points towards spam controversy.

Losing the ability to invite the Facebook friends can form a barrier in the growth of the app Path, which recently hit 10 million registered users. To overcome the barrier, Path adder Twitter to continue bringing new users. Still, the Facebook denied access is a significant blow to the Path. In addition, Path requires as many ways possible to pull more users.

Source: Tech Crunch

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