Cool…Facebook Now Has Open Graph Sections!

Since its launch, Facebook continues to experiment with various ways to give all its users a more expressive platform, such as with structured status updates or more info in the “about” section. Recently, this biggest social networking website, unveiled is new open graph actions. This allows its users to be somewhat more expressive about what they have done using this Facebook-connected applications.

open graph facebook

Using this latest Facebook’s open graph, you can share that you have listened to a song on Spotify or went on runs with your Nike+. The options for apps are just endless now.

Here are the new open graph actions which Facebook had announced:

  • Fitness: run, walk, bike
  • Books: read, rate, quote, want to read
  • Movies and TV: rate, want to watch

For instance, if you are currently using the Nike+ Running app but feel like today you feel like taking the bicycle; the open graph action crated by the app allows you to reflect that.

Facebook’s Dan Giambalvo, in his developer’s blog, shares his goal of the app. According to him, the app is designed  to allow the users be excited on the way their stories are showcased in the news feed; no matter if they are sharing a major moment of their life, like their first marathon, or something smaller, like finishing a book.

Source: Allfacebook

Image Courtesy: arabiangazette


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