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Facebook Confirms Blocking Path’s ‘Find Friends’ Access

path friends find

Facebook has confirmed that it has restricted the API access of the app Path. The Path can no longer use Facebook to find friends, as Facebook prevents them from sending invitations of suggestion for following. The move came in response to last week’s Path spamming user contacts. According to Facebook, Path can continue to use […]

Following Spam Complaints, Friend Integration from Path Removed


The prior reports of the app Path automatically sending out text messages has now received a new update. The ability to find Facebook friends has been removed altogether. TechCrunch reports this is the results of restrictions by Facebook on Path’s access to its API. Users can continue to share items from Facebook, but friend-associated activity […]

Using Facebook as a company news source for business partners, employees, and customers

Birthday Party in Office

Facebook began offering fan pages in 2007 and this allowed businesses and marketers a central platform to reach out to customers and patrons to prove their company’s or group’s innovation, unique brand, special offerings, and benefits. But today, in 2012, Facebook marketing is making a turn in thinking and instead of using this social mogul […]

How to: Post a Status Longer than 420 Characters


Has your status ever been too complicated to describe in less than 420 characters? The maximum length of a status update on Facebook is currently 420 characters. If you exceed that number you will get this annoying error message: “Status updates must be less than 420 characters. You have entered 804 characters here. Notes can […]

Schedule Facebook Status Updates with Later Bro

I just discovered a cool service called Later Bro that allows you to schedule status updates any time in the future. The feature that this app has that other status scheduling apps do not is the ability to set recurring status updates every day, every other day, every week, every other week, monthly or annually.

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