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Facebook Sees Increased Profits Despite Plummeting in the US Market

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While the number of users drops in US, profits still demonstrated a healthy growth for the social media king Facebook. In US, Facebook lost almost 10 million, according to Nielsen, a market research firm. The news was confirmed in the latest quarterly result of Facebook, in which it said that 1.11 billion monthly active users […]

Ways to Boost Sales Through Twitter


Twitter is a retailer’s dream come true. Being fast-paced, flexible, and holding already a huge user-base, Twitter is definitely the platform to hit. Twitter offers brands to readily engage shoppers and promote their offers and discounts in real-time. Such traits strengthen engagement of customers leading to soaring sales. If you have been struggling with boosting […]

How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Retail Shop

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It is surprising to see that rarely retail stores use Facebook and Twitter to benefit their businesses. These platforms are cost effective and have customers already accustomed to their ways. Here are 5 simple steps to increase your retail business using social network, such as Facebook and twitter. Find Your Audience Your time should be […]

Make Your Content Easily ‘Crawlable’ with these Optimization Tips

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Content optimization is getting trickier due to several, evolving on-site ranking factors. Content marketing is gaining popularity these days as it has proved to be an extremely effective tool for marketing. It can greatly enhance your brand’s audience, following, and customer base. Hence, it’s important that you understand how to optimize your content for search, […]

7 Pinterest Tips for Any Industry

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Pinterest is the most talked about social network at the moment. It is an exhilarating experience of images, lists and sharing. Recently, it seems like every small business is looking for a place to acquire on Pinterest, even though the platform is not for everyone. You will find everybody around you competing for ways they […]