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Facebook Confirms Blocking Path’s ‘Find Friends’ Access

path friends find

Facebook has confirmed that it has restricted the API access of the app Path. The Path can no longer use Facebook to find friends, as Facebook prevents them from sending invitations of suggestion for following. The move came in response to last week’s Path spamming user contacts. According to Facebook, Path can continue to use […]

Following Spam Complaints, Friend Integration from Path Removed


The prior reports of the app Path automatically sending out text messages has now received a new update. The ability to find Facebook friends has been removed altogether. TechCrunch reports this is the results of restrictions by Facebook on Path’s access to its API. Users can continue to share items from Facebook, but friend-associated activity […]

Facebook Free Calling Feature is Now Available in the US and Canada – New iOS Update

facebook update

Finally, it seems like Facebook users have a moment to rejoice. The company has gone the extra mile to make sure it gives users a New Year present, and this time it’s big. Facebook has updated its iOS application to version 5.5. While not much has changed, the main feature that would excite iOS users […]

Plants vs. Zombies is Free for iOS for a Week!

plants vs. zombies

Hey you all! Are you an avid fan of Plants vs. Zombies? Did you never get the chance to download it or buy it? Did you always wonder why this game is not free? Well, all your prayers have been answered. Plants vs. Zombies is being distributed free for iOS, but it’s just for a […]

Facebook vs. Yandex: Wonder App Ignites War

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Earlier this week, Yandex, a Russian search engine, released its ‘more or less like Facebook Graph’ mobile application called Wonder. The application is capable of showing users profiles of like-minded or like-tasted users, something that Facebook Graph specializes in. The app is somewhat a mixture of Siri and Facebook Graph, offering iOS users liberty to search for […]