Blog Marketing Tips – How to Keep Users Engaged?

So, you’ve started a blog but you don’t know how to get visitors. You read success stories of other bloggers and wonder how they make a living out of it. You feel they would be using a plethora of expensive tools to get exposure, and you are eventually lured into products worth hundreds of dollars but they actually do nothing.

Blog marketing, in its entirety, is pretty simple. Unlike website marketing, blog marketing is pretty generic, and it should be kept so. Marketers who bring in massive traffic through means that are not beneficial, eventually end up seeing their blog hitting no peak. So, what’s the secret? There is none. Just follow a couple of simple steps and you will be on your way to make an income out of blogging.

Here’s how:

Be Consistent in Providing Fresh Content

This is the foremost rule of blogging. If you think by uploading one post in a month you can get somewhere then you are wrong. You need to be consistent. One post a day is great initially. Count it as a part of blog marketing. The more you update your blog the better it is ranked by Google.

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Make it Personal

In the recent past, bloggers who have made their blogs personal have seen huge success. For instance,, and are some blogs that are updated by the owners themselves. Visitors simply feel in safer hands following guidance of a person they can see and communicate with.

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Offer Registration

Registration is crucial to make sure you have loyal readers. Most top-notch blogs out there offer registration to their visitors for newsletters and updates.

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Offer Incentives

Why would a user register on your website for free? Wouldn’t it be a turn-off for him or her to go through the registration process? Most successful blogs offer gifts to visitors who register. For instance, a free e-book on blog marketing for registration could be one.

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Inspire Them

Most bloggers fail because they are unable to inspire their readers. The internet is full of weight loss articles so why should a visitor follow you? Best way – give them inspiration by putting up your own success story with pictures or videos.

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