7 Tips to Get Your Content Shared More On Facebook

Here are some great insights developed By Dan Zarella about how you can tweak your content to get more shares on Facebook. All credit for the graphs and research go to Dan.

1. Include Numbers in Your Titles and Stats in Your Posts

People love tangible data. If you can include specific numbers in your posts, such as an impressive statistic, people will want to share that statistic with their friend on Facebook. People also love lists. If you check out the title to this post “7 Tips to Get Your Content…..”, you know exactly how much information you are about to get before you even read it.

2. People Share More on the Weekend

The difference in the number of shares on the weekend compared to during the week is actually pretty huge. This has a lot to do with the fact that Facebook is blocked at many company offices, and for good reason.

3. Certain Words Also get Shared More

Lucky us, the word Facebook is far and away the most shared. After that, people on the internet want to know “How” and “Why”, and they like sharing articles with the words “best” and “most”

4. There are Also Certain Words you Should Avoid

Facebook users are just your everyday people. They are not social media nerds. The words “Google”, “iPhone”, and “Twitter” are shared less than average.

5. Talk About Sex or other Good things

Sex sells, everybody knows that. It also gets shared more. So if you can add some kind of sexy edge to your content, I’d highly recommend it. If thats not entirely appropriate for your audience, then publish articles with a positive spin on them, as those get shared more then average as well.

6. Write in Plain English

As the complexity of an article increases, the number of times it gets shared decreases. Try to avoid using big words or complicated sentence structures in your writing. The more people can understand you, the more they will want to share your content.

7. Include Videos

Articles that include videos tend to get more shares on Facebook. So if you can find a relevant video, go ahead and throw it in there. Although it seems to have an opposite effect on Twitter.

Hopefully these tips opened your eyes to some things you could be doing differently with your content to get it shared more on Facebook. Once again, all credit for the graphs and research go to Dan Zarella. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Rana Harb

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India Tours
India Tours

Wow! I did watch that webinar by Dan Zarella too! :) He's doing awesome job analyzing all this stuff and making those easy to follow graphs! great stats again.


Still working through the list but wanted to say THANKS. Expect to be a Facebook marketing expert some time soon!

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Advit Sahdev

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Tim Soulo
Tim Soulo

 Wow! I did watch that webinar by Dan Zarella too! :) He's doing awesome job analyzing all this stuff and making those easy to follow graphs! Thanks for organizing this neatly! Will add this post to my bookmarks and refer to it once needed! :)

Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin

7 (I added the number) useful tips. Thanks for taking the time to research who is marketable, Melissa Martin careercoachingbyphone.com FB: melissacynthiamartin