10 Tips to Get More Traffic Through Ezine

Ezinearticles.com has become a major source of traffic and quality links today. It is the most reputable article submission directory online and it can definitely contribute to your online marketing strategy. In fact, most web marketers have ezine article submissions as part of their online marketing agendas.


Unfortunately, some of us struggle to get good traffic from ezinearticles.com. There are numerous reasons as to why your articles suffer in generating traffic from ezine or even search results. At times poor quality articles are the reason and at times it is about the weak niche you are working on. Whatever the case is, we have gathered some tips to get your ezine campaign going.

  1. Write quality articles that show how good you are at your chosen subject. Not just your command on English language would matter here but even your command the subject.
  2. Avoid keyword stuffing. Today, even a person who spends just fifteen minutes searching for products online knows what keywords are. Stuffing your articles with keywords unnaturally will only turn off your readers.
  3. Make an impression that would influence your readers. Your readers should know that you are the master of your craft and only then they will want more of you.
  4. Personalise your ezine articles to create a relationship with your readers. This is an important step which many of us overlook. Personalised articles tend to sell best since they give readers the hint that the writer knows what he is writing.
  5. Write catchy articles in a friendly. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to be a winner on ezine. Simplicity works!
  6. Give them opinions and tips that make you sound like a pro, even when you’re not.
  7. Make sure you are following the guidelines set by ezinearticles.com. If you don’t, your account might be suspended.
  8. Write pillar articles to get more traffic. Pillar articles are lengthy articles ranging between 500 to more than 2000 words. Since they are lengthier, they give you enough space to incorporate more keywords and similar keywords.
  9. Promote your ezine articles via social media.
  10. Make the anchor links at the bottom attractive so that users click on them.

The better you are at writing the more readers will enjoy your articles. If you are not good at it, try hiring a professional!

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